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About Us

The Founders of Jade Monk - Cort Bucher and Derek Pippin

Jade Monk® offers a healthy and delicious alternative to the processed, syrupy tea beverages of today's market. By blending the potency of legendary Matcha green tea with all-natural low calorie sweeteners and flavors, Jade Monk® distinguishes itself as a beneficial and alluring instant powdered functional beverage.

Ample scientific research shows Jade Monk ® matcha green tea assists the body in maintaining excellent health, serves to reduce stress and calm the mind, and provides sustained energy for up to six hours. You won't find any of our ingredients in terrifying reports about obesity, diabetes, or cancer. We're so excited by our products, we strive to educate consumers and let them know a powerful, unique, healthful, and delicious alternative to bottled teas and sodas exists: Jade Monk® !


Who Are We?

Powered by the long-lasting no-buzz energy of Jade Monk® matcha, we're a couple of guys ready to take on the Big Drink Companies. We believe in healthy, natural, time-tested ingredients. We believe a delicious and popular functional beverage can enhance one's life and lifestyle, without causing diabetes and/or obesity. We believe in introducing consumers to a new way of thinking about healthy drinks and the products they consume, but in a thoroughly modern and unique way. We believe in Jade Monk® flavored, powdered matcha -affordable, tasty, nutritious, antioxidant-packed beverages ready to take the market by storm.


Jade Monk® matcha instant green tea is an up-and-coming kick-in-the-pants to the tea, RTD, and water segments of the beverage industry. We refuse to resort to hackneyed marketing cliches. Doing so would resign us to ho-hum mediocrity, especially when we're up against industrial food companies and advertising juggernauts like the Big Drink Companies. We endeavor to rise above the fray with innovative, unexpected marketing, but above all-by using natural, healthy ingredients and maintaining our integrity. Learn more about the benefits HERE


We care. It's obvious if you check our ingredients and listen to our message. We take the time to educate consumers and we put our words into action: we offer a healthy, delicious alternative to high-fructose corn syrup, refined sugars, and synthetic ingredients. You will never see Jade Monk® matcha tea or its ingredients in the news as part of the growing obesity epidemic. We'll never be banned by schools or called out by the FDA. We're a wholesome, honest brand with integrity and we're committed to being part of consumers' healthier lifestyles. In short, we care about every person who buys Jade Monk® . Can the Big Drink Companies say that?


We want consumers to understand their options. We want them to realize their beverages don't have to be a health compromise. They don't need to view their favorite drink as a "guilty pleasure," but rather as a conscious and deliberate choice to live better. Jade Monk® matcha empowers consumers to create a diet and lifestyle that improves their quality of life, extends their lifespan, and avoids industrial food cycles that are harmful to the environment and themselves. In a sentence, Jade Monk® instant green tea offers a sane and salutary choice to consumers, rather than a strike against them in the health department.


We didn't set out with dollar signs in our eyes, nor did we fool ourselves with the idea of "making a good product at a good price." No thanks. Sure, we expect to build a profitable, successful business and provide for ourselves and our families-but all of this is based on wanting to create something unique and doing something that matters. Jade Monk® ; matters because it helps people live healthier lives and does it by offering them an alternative to products like bottled teas and sodas that are, quite honestly, harmful. We'll accomplish all this without hype or misinformation-just a real and positive relationship with consumers. It comes down to doing something that resonates with ourselves and the people we care about. So here we go.


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