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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Jade Monk?
A: Jade Monk is a unique combination of matcha green tea mixed with the perfect combination of flavoring, sweeteners, and an added boost of white tea polyphenols.

Q: Where can I buy Jade Monk?
A: You can find our products on our site as well as other eCommerce partner’s sites (such as If you’re in the Austin area, there are a number of brick-and-mortar stores, ranging from natural food grocers to yoga and health studios. Please email us at for a full list.

Q: What’s the best way to prepare Jade Monk Instant Natural Energy?
A: Jade Monk instant natural energy packets were designed for the on-the-go consumer. For those of you who want a quick, refreshing, energy pop, simply mix the packet in 6-8oz of cold water. Pour, mix, and enjoy. However, if you’re accustomed to the comfort of a hot drink, Jade Monk mixes instantly in hot water. Kick back and feel the warm energy…

Q: What is the caffeine content in your product?
A: Each serving packet contains approximately 29mg of naturally occurring green tea caffeine. This is substantially less than a soda or typical cup of coffee.

Q: What is the difference between green tea caffeine and coffee caffeine?
A: Caffeine in coffee impacts on the adrenal glands and causes spikes in adrenaline glucose and insulin levels, causing jitters, nervousness sleeplessness and hunger pangs. Caffeine in matcha forms bonds with numerous nutrients so that it enters the bloodstream in a time-release fashion, leading to a steady level energy over 3-6 hours, rather than a spike and crash within 1 hour. Furthermore, matcha’s unique make-up means that the caffeine leaves your adrenal glands untouched

Q: Is your product safe for pregnant women?
A: Our product contains 27mg per serving…way less than a cup of coffee (a typical cup of coffee has between 90-120mg caffeine). There have been conflicting results as to safe caffeine intake for pregnant women ( but if you take their ‘moderate level’ of 150-300mg, that would equate to over 5 servings of Jade Monk per day. On another note, some chocolate contains just as much (and in some cases more) caffeine as we do: .  Bear in mind that we use the highest quality, pure source ingredients and our caffeine comes from green tea (matcha) – the Japanese have never had any issues 

Q: Why are all of your flavors green?
A:  We strive to keep our products as pure as possible. For that reason, all of the flavors are vibrant green because that’s the natural color of high quality matcha. Simply masking its natural color would be deceiving you, the educated consumer, and misleading.

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